Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resolutions & Myths!

It's almost Christmas....we all know what that means- NEW YEARS is coming! After all the cocktails and midnight kisses the morning of January 1st will bring that uggg I better make a change feeling.

While of course I recommend all things Beachbody to get your health and fitness goals in check....I don't recommend making a resolution and here's why...

Resolutions are the ALL OR NOTHING mentality that needs to stop. You're not on a diet or off, organized or not, motivated or not. This is life and life is all about learning to enjoy, smell the roses and live well and sure continuously improving oneself is wonderful...but not if it makes you a yo-yo lifer!

So as we all enter into 2011 with goals in mind....lets remember a few basic truths that will save you guilt, failure and self loathing for years to come...

Carbs are the devil- Nope. False. Don't do it. Carbs are wonderful energy sources and if a life without carbs means a life without steel cut oatmeal, sweet potatoes and fruit...then count me out! Carbs don't make you fat...overeating makes you fat. Track your food, watch portions and ENJOY!

Diet Soda is a liquid, that counts as water...right? Listen folks, as a former soda lover, I get it! I's addicting...fizzy...less boring than plain old water. Reality is though that soda is chemical crap. The best thing for your body is water...lots and lots of water. When I gave up soda (except for my once a week cheat meal that always includes a regular coke) it was difficult! By my second glass of water of the day I was sick to death of it. I was adding lemon juice and splenda to a few glasses a day just to get my 8 glasses. The more I drank water the more I realized how much I needed it! Now I drink a minimum of 100 ounces a day of plain, boring old water and I've never felt better. Just do it!

I can't work out because I can't afford/get to/kids don't like the gym. I was there. Fat, tired and thinking that the gym would save me. I joined....paid...brought my then very young children to the daycare and they screamed and cried and I worked out for 6 minutes before the 10 year old they had watching them said they were too can try again tomorrow. Yuck. Thankfully for me I found Beachbody workouts and now workout 6 times a week in my own home. No expensive equipment required, no gym, no daycare. It's awesome! If you don't find something you like at - then walk outside, go up and down your stairs several times, push ups, sit get the picture. Find something that makes you happy (and if that's the gym, then go for it!) No matter what exercise you're doing, give's good for your body and your emotions!

Lastly, eating healthy is too expensive. I drink Shakeology ( every day. With my Coach discount it's less than daily Starbucks and super duper healthy. Joe & I also cook at home 95% of the time. The money we save by not eating out is huge! People stress about spending money on fruits, veggies and lean protein but have no problem at all spending $8 a lunch on McDonalds and Taco Bell crap food? Most of the dinners we make for our family of 4 cost less than one take out lunch. If you think you can't afford healthy food, I urge you to track your spending for a week. You'd be amazed how $5 coffees and $20 pizzas really add up.

If you insist on making a resolution this year- I urge you to resolve to be a nicer, more productive, positive person. Do this everyday and life will be good....I promise!

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